Trisymbiotic IP is a startup.  Trisymbiotic IP is a startup unlike any startup before.  The core of this startup is a set of two intellectual property portfolios.  The first portfolio is a set of three patents that for the first-time excess power is generated from cold air.  Like an octopus arms, the patented portfolio absorbs waste heat as well, allowing power generation utility plants, and refineries alike efficiencies of scale.  The second set of intellectual property is trade secret.


M2M, IOT, 5G, AI, INTERNET, MACHINE LEARINING, EXASCALE, EXABYTES, IPv6, AUGMENTED REALITY (AR), VIRTUAL REALITY (VR), OVER THE TOP (OTT).  All of these technologies will encounter at one point in time in the future a diminishing return when it comes to energy. Energy returned on energy invested (EROEI or ERoEI) plays point-of-convergence on how these technologies evolve.


Next step is radical innovation, perception and technological adaptive radiation resulting in:


Reduction of cryptocurrency energy costs' per transaction to 800 watts 2020-2025 to 8 watts 2030 vs .0017 VISA, .0007 MasterCard.

Negative Power Usage Effectivness

A mean negative power usage effectiveness is the average energy and power use during a year cycle.  Using the law of averages, the user allows a negative power usage effectiveness to average out.

100 – 600 Billion Floating Points Operation per Second per Watt

Use in high performance computing the portfolio allows the user to combine outside energy as a multiplication factor.  Ratio of outside energy to power use at the facility equals a ratio of billions of floating-point operations a second per watt of power input at a server node.

Global Proliferation of Hyper Micro Data Centers

Reduction in costs allows for proliferation of Hyper Micro Data Centers at global scale.  Facilities design in conjunction with energy factor eases service providers deployment in untapped and developing markets.

IOT Node Centers

The internet of things upcoming market allows deployment of facilities around the world to coincide with wireless technology such M2M, and 5G.  Easing companies and governments around the world to supply closer services to consumers.

Proliferation of High-Performance Computing

The performance factor of hundreds of billions of operations per second per watt brings down costs of high-performance computing to developing markets.  Opening markets to petascale and exascale computing allows industries efficient growth with product and service technologies.

500 Kilowatt Server Rack Equivelent

Server rack power at floor level is equivalent to 500 kilowatts.  With design volumetric equal have a server rack of four level cabinets with a computing power of todays servers running at or near 500 kilowatts.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases 95 percent

An equivalent of running at today’s levels the computing power of one megawatt-hour, the technology allows for a reduction of ninety-five percent in greenhouse gas emissions. 


At ground level the physical footprint of the data center could see a 1/20th reduction.


Reduction of cryptocurrency monetary costs ~ 20 ₡ and transaction costs less than 1000 watts.

Caveat Emptor

            Intellectual Property Portfolio, a.k.a. Trisymbiotic IP Portfolio requires ideal, suitable, adequate, rightful conditions, to work as expected in accordance to the Law’s and Principle’s in Science as expressed on Intellectual Property Report I, Trisymbiotic Intellectual Property Portfolio, on page 12, Paragraph - Thermodynamic Laws and Paragraph and Paragraph - Law’s & Principles.